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We feel it is important to make the investment process simple and to avoid areas that we do not fully understand. This also means that

  • We avoid excitement and use boring repetetive techniques
  • We  do not have a 'get rich quick' potion. We view any such offering skeptically
  •     Above said, we do believe that at various times some simple, easy to understand moneymaking opportunities are available and we wish to capitalise on them. These are generally uncomfortable investments to make 'at that time' given the news flow and noise around but potentially profitable. There is absolutely no doubt that despite care and caution some of these shall also go wrong but the overall result turns out to be quite satisfactory.


We  help our clients in the following ways:

  1. Managing Personal Finances - Many of our clients while being extremely good at what they do in their job, business or profession lack the same level of proficiency in managing their personal finances. The reasons for this could be many including lack of time, interest or anything else.  In  managing personal finances we


  • Educate our clients about simple ways in which they can be in greater control of their savings, spending and to some extent earnings.
  • Encourage them to save more by spending smarter and by saving on taxes
  • Create a roadmap for their savings to be channelised into a productive investment option but before that emphasise the need to build an emergency cash reserve AND to build a safety net for loved ones, through life insurance. We suggest pure life covers only
  • Use the best source and method of borrowing for a house. We discourage borrowing for other purposes
  • Protect  assets like home and car - through general insurance
  • Ensure that the paperwork is done properly so that in the case of an eventuality the assets go the the intended recepients.
  • Making Investments - Having saved money it is important to put it to work. We believe that if done wisely, one can earn more over his/her lifetime from their investments than from physical work. We help in finding the right investment options that
  • Match with each investor's goals/needs/objectives
  • Minimise taxation implication
  • Over time beats inflation and creates wealth in the long-run

Mostly (though not always) the instrument we suggest is a mutual fund scheme. We thus help our clients in

  • Deciding a suitable asset allocation as per their ability to tolerate volatility, life stage and some other factors
  • Chosing the appropriate category of scheme  basis suitability from a taxation perspective
  • Suggest specific schemes within the category along with reasons for the same
  • Making the actual investment by completing the paperwork required
  • Monitoring the investments made and reviewing
  • Making changes if need be due to changes in personal situation, environment, performance etc.

We thus set forth on a journey which is long, usually  going over multiple decades in which there will be questions, doubts, market fluctuations, changes in personal needs, preferences,   aspirations, ability, unexpected events etc etc. We walk together with our clients to guide them through this journey.     


We provide the following services:

  1. Wealth Management - including investments in Mutual Funds
  2. Financial Planning - A step-by-step process in which one lists out the goals that he/she is saving for, setting out a time frame for them, evaluating current and incremental resources and then mapping the resources with the goals keeping the ability to manage risks in mind. Given changing environment and markets, this is an ongoing process and needs review on a regular basis. 
  3. Family Office - for a select group of investors we provide comprehensive family wealth management solution and thus we don't just manage investments but also provide the following services
  • Maintaining financial records and accounts

Managing properties and associated affairs

  • Tax Return Preparation and filing
  • Inheritance & Will
  • Philanthropy co-ordination


UFAS derives its income in the form of commission/brokerage payment from product manufacturers (read Mutual Funds/Fund Houses) for the investments its clients make in their schemes. Irrespective of where the payment comes from, while presenting choices we are guided by our client's needs and not by what we earn. We understand that irrespective of the route the money takes, we are being paid by our clients. We believe that if we have taken care of the client then our interest will get taken care of.

However for the sake of disclosure appended is the brokerage/commission payment we receive from various fund houses on various category of schemes.

Few points to note

  1. Brokerage rates mentioned below are gross. It includes Goods and Services Tax (GST) which is payable by us. Prevailing GST rate on September 1, 2018 is 18%
  2. Brokerage is dividend into 'Upfront' - Due soon after an investment is made and 'Trail' - Due as long as the investment stays. Most fund houses pay us only a trail brokerage  however there may be cases where both are paid. In cases where an upfront brokerage is paid then the trail brokerage will be paid at a lower rate
  3. Upfront commission, if paid is subject to claw back if the investment is not held for a minimum investment period
  4. Brokerage rates change every quarter if not sooner and each fund house has a different structure. Precise details of the brokerage applicable on a specific scheme is not updated here given the limited resources we work with and the frequency at which it changes. It can be provided on request
  5. UFAS has 'opted-out' of receiving transaction charges. Thus its clients are not levied any transaction charge for their investments

Rates applicable are as follows:

Category of Scheme

Upfront Brokerage

Trail Brokerage




Balanced/Hybrid Funds



Debt/Income Funds






Liquid/Ultra Short



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