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Money is a highly personal and emotional topic.  For some it is a symbol of success, for others it is a matter of safety. Some have had it for generations whereas others have made most of it in their lifetimes. Some look at it as a means to an end like a comfortable retirement, ability to fund good education to children; for some others money is the final goal. We  wish to understand our clients' approach to money, their goals and objectives, their investing experience, the resources at hand and the time at hand. We then use our knowledge and experience of available instruments, products and techniques to help achieve what our clients aspire for.

We thus follow some very simple steps in providing our services

  1. Listen - Meet and understand what a potential client needs
  2. Assess & Evaluate - We collect data wrt resources available to meet the desired objectives, the potential incremental additions, timelines, historical experiences, preferences, potential changes in-between. We then evaluate the data assess how close or far are we from meeting all defined objectives. In some cases we have to assign priorities where one goal will be chosen over another
  3. Provide a Solution - We present a possible action plan basis our assessment of data,  client's aspirations and potential risks
  4. Review - Meet again, understand more, make changes if necessary

We believe that learning is a very important requirement of our job. While we know something about money and how it should be managed but we didn't know this always or at least not as well. We have grown better over the years   by

  • Education -  Rajiv is a Certified Financial Planner (CFPCM), Associate of Insurance Institute of India (AIII) and Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (CAIIB)
  • Attending trainings & lectures
  • Reading - We have found this to be the best source of learning
  • Personal Investments - Our personal investments guide us on how we make it better for  not just ourselves but also for our clients

We  will continue to invest time and energy    in learning and making ourselves better which will help us in becoming more useful for our clients.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you will do things differently

...Warren Buffett

While enthusiasm may be necessary for great accomplishments elsewhere, on Wall Street it almost invariably leads to disaster

...Benjamin Graham

The real measure of you wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money


You  want to take risks when others are fleeing from it, not when they are competing with you to do so

...Howard Marks


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