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UpMarket Financial Advisory Services (UFAS)  was founded  by Rajiv Satija in 2006. 

Rajiv had developed an interest in money and investing early in his life which led him to start working with a broking firm while still in college. He went on to complete his Masters in Finance in 1998 and started working with HSBC, India. Having worked with the bank for almost 8 years  in various roles, he decided to start on his own.


SINCE 2006

UFAS  today has clients in various categories

  • Salaried, businessmen and professionals
  • Residents and NRIs
  • Firms, Companies and Trusts
  • Working or retired

We believe that we help our clients in two  broad ways

  • Managing  Personal Finances
  • Investments

While helping  make investments, the instrument we most often offer to our clients is a Mutual Fund scheme.  UFAS is thus a Mutual Fund distributor in India and  derives most of its revenues from the brokerage/commission that it receives from the Fund Houses in which it's clients invest.

Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing

...Warren Buffett

Life's tragedy is we get old too soon and wise too late

...Benjamin Franklin

Invest in yourself. Your career is the engine of your wealth

...Paul Clitheroe

You can't do the same things others do and expect to outperform

...Howard Marks


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